The Change

I believe that in everything we do we dance consciously and unconsciously with Change. It comes at us in different shapes and forms, degrees of complexity, speed and levels of uncertainty. It brings with it an uncharted territory and the need to make “The Right Choice”. I believe that when...

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water lily, lotus flower, lily pads


Dignity Are you the friend of Humbleness? Or the friend of Pride? Or do you walk alongside both Sometimes racing one Another time Racing the other Do you know when to stop When to slow down Are you our better self Our shadow friend Our inner voice That accompany us...

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The River Water

There is no wonder to it There is just being present Like the ocean that gives and takes Like the sun that awakes To the warmth of its rays Like the fertile land That draws the soul To become one’s home Like the work of an artist Mysterious Joyful Colourful...

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hibiscus, tropical, flower

My Hibiscus

I am sitting at my window listening to the wind storming, whistling, howling. I gaze at my beautiful Hibiscus that I have planted in my small outdoor window planter. I am worried that the wind breaks it. I take a closer look at I.  I am amazed at how the...

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swan, bird, sea

Letter to “Happiness”

Dear “Happiness”, How have you been? What is your colour nowadays? I need to start a new venture and I need you to come with me. It will be a long trip. It requires you to be at my side all the time. Bring with you summer and winter clothes....

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bird, woodpecker, pileated woodpecker

Faithful-Self – The Dialogue

The Faithful Self was living a quiet life. She was happy, content, optimistic, grateful and as such resilient. She felt so good in her skin that no one was able to shake her inner peace. I saw her walking down the street the other day.  She was wearing a beautiful...

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hands, compassion, help


Like an iron rod You walk through life Searching for fire to make you turn To make you twist The heat of its radiant colour Pulls you in It is too hot, too intense You want out, but you are all in It is burning you You search for a...

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Dialogue between Compassionate and Resilient-Self

There was a time not too far away, the Resilient-Self went searching breathlessly for her Compassionate-Self. She was not sure if she had been put to sleep, decided by herself to go to sleep, or maybe was just hiding somewhere beneath and was afraid to come to light.   The Resilient-Self...

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The Song of Being Alive

It was a dream of reality, like walking on the clouds feeling dazed with life. It was humid, warm with a delicious foreign smell. People were so gracious as if from another planet. I could not contain my wonder, my gaiety. My happy self was ahead of me. I tried...

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The Destination

Is it Destiny? Or is it Luck? Is it Faith? Or is it Trust? Is it Now? Or is it Then? Do we have the answer? Are we living-walking or walking-living? Maybe we go on like the river Snaking its way Always forwards Never backwards Trusting that the destination is...

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