water lily, lotus flower, lily pads


Dignity Are you the friend of Humbleness? Or the friend of Pride? Or do you walk alongside both Sometimes racing one Another time Racing the other Do you know when to stop When to slow down Are you our better self Our shadow friend Our inner voice That accompany us Wherever we go Loud inside …

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The River Water

There is no wonder to it There is just being present Like the ocean that gives and takes Like the sun that awakes To the warmth of its rays Like the fertile land That draws the soul To become one’s home Like the work of an artist Mysterious Joyful Colourful That talks to you Do …

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hibiscus, tropical, flower

My Hibiscus

I am sitting at my window listening to the wind storming, whistling, howling. I gaze at my beautiful Hibiscus that I have planted in my small outdoor window planter. I am worried that the wind breaks it. I take a closer look at I.  I am amazed at how the Hibiscus adapts to the speed, …

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hands, compassion, help


Like an iron rod You walk through life Searching for fire to make you turn To make you twist The heat of its radiant colour Pulls you in It is too hot, too intense You want out, but you are all in It is burning you You search for a friend, to pull you out …

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Heart of Winter

The Heart of Winter is in no man’s land It is not red, it is not white It is completely bland It has no shadow No friend No band You look for its soul But do not find You go searching its Homeland You discover it is always in disguise Yet it survives How come? …

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