water lily, lotus flower, lily pads



Are you the friend of Humbleness?

Or the friend of Pride?

Or do you walk alongside both

Sometimes racing one

Another time

Racing the other

Do you know when to stop

When to slow down

Are you our better self

Our shadow friend

Our inner voice

That accompany us

Wherever we go

Loud inside of us

You give us courage

And preserve the faith

In all its colors

Your fragrance

Leads the way

A fragrance

Of a truthful heart

A peaceful mind

Are you the guardian angel

The unseen hand

That guides us

Through the path of life

The circle of light

That says

Here walks a Human

And what is a Human

If it was not for you

We hold on to you

Like a treasure

Tell me Dignity

Is it possible to have too much of you?

Or too little?

How much is the right measure of you?

Maybe it is too early to judge

Maybe only tomorrow can tell