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Faithful-Self – The Dialogue

The Faithful Self was living a quiet life. She was happy, content, optimistic, grateful and as such resilient. She felt so good in her skin that no one was able to shake her inner peace.

I saw her walking down the street the other day.  She was wearing a beautiful pure white dress.

Behind her, I saw a strange shadow tracking her steps. The shadow looked unusually bright, well defined. It had a bizarre, vague and cloudy gaze.

I was puzzled and curious to know who is that shadow and where is Faithful Self going. I decided to follow both of them.

Faithful Self had no idea that the shadow was tailing her. Full of energy, she was going up a mountain that was very difficult to climb. The higher she went, the bigger the shadow became. The bigger it became, the heavier it was.

She started to get tired. She did not know why. She did not know that she was carrying with her that heavy shadow.

She stopped to take a breath, to rest under a tree, to regain her strength to continue the journey. She was determined to reach the top of the mountain and make a home for her. If not today maybe tomorrow, she thought. She sat to rest and contemplate on her journey to the top of the mountain. The shadow thought that Faithful Self was sleeping. It chose to make a wicked move.

Faithful Self spotted the shadow. She immediately comprehended why she could not continue the journey.

She looked at the shadow and said:

Why do you follow me?

When you are despised by me

You are the waging storm

That destroys all that breathes peacefully

Return from where you came from

By my side you cannot reside.

The shadow replied:

I am always there

Even when you do not see me

You cannot get rid of me

You are the goodness

I am not

For me to survive I have to follow you

Put a heavy weight on you

Tire you

So that I can steal your goodness

And finally become you.

Faithful Self said with a gentle smile:

They call you Betrayal

How can you carry any good in you?

You carry with you many different faces

That change color under different lighting 

Your words are softer than Butter

But you carry malice in your heart

You can follow me as long as you want

I am treasured wherever I go

I will always find a shelter from your waging storm

Bits of pieces of my priceless self I can give you

The more I give the more I have

The more you take the less you have.

Betrayal stood there surprised. How can it be that “the more it takes the less it has”?

Faithful Self saw the puzzled look of Betrayal, and so she added:

To uncover the blurredness

To discover goodness

And savour blissfulness

Change your path

Follow mine

Abundance will knock your door

And as you sleep your pillow will whisper peace

Your quilt will be filled with happiness seeds

Tell me

What more can you yearn for?