The Change

I believe that in everything we do we dance consciously and unconsciously with Change. It comes at us in different shapes and forms, degrees of complexity, speed and levels of uncertainty. It brings with it an uncharted territory and the need to make “The Right Choice”.

I believe that when we see Change approaching we need to engage courageously with it. Yes, it is sometimes scary. But if we resist and avoid Change, the world and its events will take the lead and will make decisions for us and in most cases, it will not be what we desire and we will feel disappointment and unhappiness.

Those of us who engage with Change with bravery and hope are sometimes also disappointed with the outcome. Why is that? Maybe they lacked the clarity of purpose or the clarity of the vision for their future?  Maybe they were not truthful to their values in their personal and business endeavour? Maybe they did not construct the right opportunity? Or maybe they did not have a clear plan for transforming their current reality or the current reality of their business into the future image?

As an Executive and a Mindfulness, wellness and Somatic Coach, I believe in holding the burning light that empowers you to see through your situation, to gain clarity of purpose, to construct rewarding opportunities where you find obstacles, to generate support where you find resistance, to transform your current situation into a new and desired state, to move ahead and make Change happen with courage, curiosity, compassion, zest and faith in yourselves and your business.

The way I hold the burning light is by challenging you, engaging you in a dynamic and creative process, equipping you with a suite of tools and techniques that are useful in your business and your personal life, sharing thought leadership when and if needed, and providing you with a safe environment and a support system that enable the Change you want in your business and personal life.

If you are the kind of person who is open to new ideas, to new perspectives and wants to be challenged, wants to move ahead and take your business to the next level;

If you are the kind of person who wants to engage with positivity, perseverance and courage with the challenges that come with change in your personal and business life;

If you are the kind of person who wants to embrace being flexible, curious and compassionate;

 If you are the kind of person who is prepared to move beyond yourself, experiment and take risks;

Then you have reached your destination. 

When you work with me, you work with a coach who is “Change Fluent”. A coach who lived through, plunged into and danced with Change since her childhood and till today both on the personal and professional levels. A coach who activated change intentionally by changing career paths, changing jobs, relocating to different countries, enjoying feeling an alien in a foreign culture and loving it, attempting to set up a business and failing, attempting to set up a business and succeeding. On other occasions, Change forced its entry into my life and tried to crush my spirit and disrupt my life through loosing loved ones and through enduring a long and emotionally draining civil war that taught me at a very young age the skills to survive in a volatile, an uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

Sometimes, I engaged with change with courage and excitement, sometimes with resistance and fear and sometimes I turned a blind eye. In all cases I learned that we cannot escape Change but we can shape it. I learned that if we turn a blind eye it will devour us. I learned that we need to say “No” to things to be able to say “Yes” to other things. I learned that we need to be clear on our priorities and they need to be aligned with our values. I learned that “NOT Every Change Is a Positive Change”. I learned that “Positive Change” brings along internal peace, growth, wellbeing and happiness.

I also learned that for Change to bring internal peace, growth, wellbeing and happiness, it needs to be carried out with a generous heart and with love so that it brings about the fruit it needs to bring. 

We can pour love when we are not selfish, when we think of others and how Change impacts them, when we are curious, authentic and honest with ourselves so that we can be honest with others.  When we align our values to the uncharted territory of Change.  Doing that takes the journey to a different dimension- from being scary and uncertain to becoming enjoyable and safe and only then we can start dancing with Change.