swan, bird, sea

Letter to “Happiness”

Dear “Happiness”,

How have you been? What is your colour nowadays?

I need to start a new venture and I need you to come with me. It will be a long trip. It requires you to be at my side all the time. Bring with you summer and winter clothes. You will need them. Make sure you say goodbye to whomever you are with. You will spend the next years with me. Only with me. I want exclusivity at all costs.

Bring with you as well some sweet food to have from time to time. I do not buy them and in case you need some it is better to have them with you. I am glad that I finally located you. I would like you to be my soul mate. I realized that when we are together the doors open by themselves, the sun always shines and at dawn there is full moon. Jointly, we will be able to see the stars even when they are not there. Isn’t that wonderful?

I can see you smiling and your eyes twinkling. At the same time, I can see this hidden disappointed gaze. I know that you feel that I let you down. You visited me many times and I did not know how to keep you. I do not have an explanation really. Maybe you were wearing the wrong colour. Can it be? And I have mistaken you with “Anger”. Oh what a mistake I did. The taste of Anger was bitter. What a destructive visitor to have in your home. Anger uses and abuses of a person. When Anger came, it brought with it your shadow. The one that you dislike, you know.  It brought Unhappiness. How come Anger can steal your shadow like that?  Are you that generous that you give your shadow away or do you do it on purpose so that you liberate yourself from this particular shadow? Do you have other shadows?  I remember that you told me once that Luck, love and optimism are your other shadows that stick with you all the time. Please make sure you bring them with you when you come. We will need them in our venture.

I asked Anger to leave some time ago. I packed its suitcase, bought an air ticket and sent Anger to the North Pole. I told Anger that it needs to go to a cold place to cool down. I asked Anger not to come back any time soon. It needs to calm down and pacify. I thought that the heat that it carries with it wherever it goes will be cooled down by the cold climate in the North Pole. I am smart right? I guess I am. The thought of it makes me smile.

“Happiness”, what I love about you is that you are in a constant movement. You are always alive and as you move you have this magic ability to attract more and more shadows and they all seem to want to follow you and be with you. Even Anger follows you and steals your shadows. But you are so wise and generous that you do not get into a fight. You remain grateful for the good and the bad. You are able to carry with you a heavy weight and yet you remain even. You remain “Happiness”.  When I think of you, I have this big smile in my heart. I see diamond waterfalls, I see turquoise lakes with beautiful mermaids, I see the sun caressing the shimmering ocean surf, and the horizon coming so close that I could take a nap in its laps.

I cannot wait any longer. I left my front door slightly open, on purpose you know.  I am longing to be surprised by you.  I will be sitting reading and contemplating your return. When you arrive and come into my home, please make no sound. Just come in and sit quietly by my side, take my hand and let me lean on your shoulder for a while before we become One again.