The Song of Being Alive

It was a dream of reality, like walking on the clouds feeling dazed with life. It was humid, warm with a delicious foreign smell. People were so gracious as if from another planet.

I could not contain my wonder, my gaiety.

My happy self was ahead of me. I tried to catch up with it and invited it to slow down.

– I said “Wait for me, stop for a breath. I want to be with you”.

– Twinkling with excitement my happy self chanted “There is so much to see, so much to experience, to touch, to smell. I need to fly. Hold on tight and follow me”.  I tried but I was too slow. And so, my happy self added “Come on hurry-up. There is a world of discovery out there. I want to learn, I want to hear, I want to remember, I want to tell”.

I followed and followed. I ran and ran after my happy self until it suddenly stopped and gazed at a woman frying insects to make a soup in rainbow colours. The woman smiled and offered some of her prickly soup. My happy self was so bewildered. It felt as if it was born again but this time on a different planet, under a different sun, breathing passion instead of air and drinking wine instead of water.  My curious self was puzzled. It had never seen something like that before. And so, it joined in and together with my happy self they would not stop talking. They were both in a state of feverish delight.   I stood there waiting for them to halt their exchange.  But they had agreed to continue the journey together walking, talking, running, flying.

Now I have to run after both of them.