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Tania is truly gifted when it comes to ideation coaching. I have had the great honor of working with her for over a year, and when I bring my most pressing challenges to the table, Tania’s unique, visual coaching style never fails to deliver the results that I need to become unstuck and gain forward traction. Her enthusiasm for my continued success keeps me motivated to tackle my business growth obstacles. Tania has been a vital resource for me, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to be challenged to grow their business ideas or overcome their business challenges, to partner with her.

Grace D.

Leadership Development & Performance Engineering
April 2020

Tania is an amazing coach! She's helped me get clarity on what I really want out of my career and each week we come up with actionable steps to achieve my goals. We've made more progress together in 6 weeks than I did on my own in 2 years! Her kind but firm technique is very effective. Her warmth and enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks to Tania, I'm on the right career path and setting myself up for success!

Alexandra L.

Museum Marketing Specialist & Experience Designer
February 2020

value-based solutions

value-based solutions

I know that I can be hard to please at times, however, I get further than I could have imagined when Tania coaches me. She is patient, caring, and very sharp. What else could I ask for in a perfect coach?

Martha C.

Operations Transformation Consultant
April 2020

value-based solutions

Tania coached me through some difficult issues in my business and my life. She has the ability to build trust quickly. Tania walked me to clarity in gently and direct conversations, and with the knack of asking just the right question at the right time to help me find the answers. I highly recommend Tania to anyone who is seeking to walk the right path faster. She is a gem

Keith O.

Pivot Marketing
October 2019

value-based solutions

I had the chance to work with Tania during several coaching sessions and this journey, starting from a blank page to a clear and powerful dashboard, was extremely positive. This was possible thanks to the great coaching skills of Tania and her large experience. I really enjoyed working with her and I will definitely recommend her to everyone who is looking for a coach! Thanks again Tania!

Thibault J.

Human Resources Professional - Accredited Mediator
August 2019

As a career coach, Tania has the ability to highlight and skillfully build on a person's strengths. She has been a great asset in helping me with decision-making, strategic planning and life management skills. I have learned so much and am applying it in both my personal and professional lives. She made sure my vocation, strengths, and timing were all in alignment. She can extract what is inside you very quietly and make you explore yourself. If you want to exceed personally and professionally, Tania will help you to reach your goals. Thanks for working with me Tania! I would highly recommend Tania!

Shaymaa SH.

Digital Marketing Master
April 2019

value-based solutions

value-based solutions

Tania is an exceptional executive coach and career and business professional. With her diverse background and deep international experience, she coaches clients across continents and industries. Tania’s experience in developing, managing, and improving business processes allows her to understand a client’s perspective and needs quickly and fully. Besides her extensive experience and business acumen, Tania’s is fluent in English, Arabic, French, and German. Her warm engaging style builds rapport quickly, and her knowledge and focus mean client needs are met in a timely manner. In sum, Tania coaches clients and consults with companies about career and business concerns. She has a depth of experience in working with the C-suite, where her unique combination of business and people knowledge is especially beneficial. Her creative task focused approach allows a client to address needs and feel confident about moving forward!

Dr Constance P.

Certified Master of Career Services
January 2019

value-based solutions

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