hibiscus, tropical, flower

My Hibiscus

I am sitting at my window listening to the wind storming, whistling, howling.

I gaze at my beautiful Hibiscus that I have planted in my small outdoor window planter.

I am worried that the wind breaks it. I take a closer look at I.  I am amazed at how the Hibiscus adapts to the speed, the power and the energy of the wind.

I see that my Hibiscus is dancing with the wind, as if they were One.

It is not standing rigid through the waging storm of the angry wind.

Few hours later the wind subsides. There was a sudden beautiful silence.

I look again at my Hibiscus.  There it was standing tall as if the wind never passed by.

It reminded me of what my father taught me at a very young age. He used to tell me that to make it through life, we need to be like the tree that bends with the wind.

Be like the tree

That bends with the wind

And dances in the moment

With the waging storm

Be like the tree

That knows

How to adapt

To whatever gifts

Nature wants to


And wherever you go

Take flexibility along

For it is in being flexible

That you can learn

To enjoy

To tango with life

To tap into its flow

Approach your business and your career with a flexible mindset.

Flexible mindset enables your personal development, makes it possible for you to navigate easy and difficult transitions in life cheerfully, creatively and resourcefully.

Being flexible gives you the energy to look for different approaches to achieve your goals and to accept that goals evolve and that you need to evolve with them.

Flexibility adds an important dash of happiness that will spread along the path of your life journey in your career, your business, your relationships with others and particularly and foremost with yourself.

Who does not want to lead a happy life?