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Allow me to tailor to your needs, both in content and duration.

Take your business & workshops in a NEW DIRECTION!

A taste of what the program consists of:

The Kick-off Phase

The Creative Discovery Phase

The Deliberate Focusing Phase

The Kick-off Phase- The 2 “Jump the Wagon” Sessions:

The Kick-off phase starts with getting to know one another, framing the opportunity and jumping onto the wagon.

1to1 work:  kick-off session. It is about goal alignment.

Group work: Joint kick-off call / meeting with all participants. The adventure has started, and the rules of the game will be shared. Fasten your seat belts, and get ready. The ride has taken off.

-Warning– It is going to get bumpy along the way. But do not worry; it is a safe, fun and exciting bumpy ride. It is worth it!

The Creative Discovery Phase- The Transformational Session

The Creative Discovery phase is another exciting part of the ride. You will fly high and fast and then slide down fast and then repeat until you feel that your needs for fun, choice, creativity, perspective and self-expression have been met.

– Group Ideation: It is about producing many varied and unusual possibilities for YOUR challenge!

The Deliberate Focusing Phase – The 2 “Lucky” Sessions

The deliberate Focusing Phase will help you identify and choose the ideas that have exciting potential to be developed and used.

– Group Focus- It is about screening and selecting the most promising possibilities for YOUR challenge.

– 1to1 Prepare for Action- Happily, the check-out session. It is to help you plan for next steps. The journey continues and has plenty to offer.

Connect with me & allow me to tailor to your needs, both in content and duration. 

Take your business & workshops in a NEW DIRECTION!

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